Best Front Load Washing Machine


The field of appliances have tremendously grow over the past decade or so.With a nowadays washers laundry becomes less of a chore. Household machines, at least in this segment, have by the looks of it outstripped the kitchen appliances by far with the speed and tempo of their growth and evolvement. Looking more and more like a modern day spaces ships, with a vast number of different kinds of functions and always growing numerous options, washers tend to stand at the hi-tech end of the devices that you use at your home.

When choosing the best washing machine that suits your needs there are several things you should think about in order to make the best decision. We are going to list few of those things and try to point out some of the options that are available so we could to help you choose a best front load washing machines that will fulfill all of your needs.

When choosing a new appliance you should take into consideration more than a few aspects. First of all what kind of a household are you in and by that how often are you going to use the washer, and at the end what amount of laundry do you plan to wash. For each of these categories there is a checklist of its own, and a suitable register (so to speak) for the best available options that will help you to make the right choice when it comes to finding the best front load washing machine that will implement all that you requisite from this type of an appliance. This short list will try to recap some of them.

Best for small homes- for those that are short on space but still need a fair amount of laundry done fast.

  • LG Compact- quiet operation ,dampness sensor, drying mode (condensation type),14 programs for drying.
  • Bosch-15 different washing cycles, drying mode (condensation type),15 minutes quick wash option, LESamsung-5 cubic feet

Busy-households time-savers- best for those who live a life in a fast lane. If you find yourself often forgetting to take out wet laundry out and have more than a busy life style this is your choice.

  • Whirpool- FanFresh option (12 hours),color-protecting wash cycle, moisture-sensing capability.
  • GE-Time saver mode (37 minuets only),Stean cycle, 13 washing cycles
  • Maytag- Optimal Dose Despenser, Power Wash cycle,FanFresh option

Best big loads washing-you have a tons of towels ,t shirts, sheets and generally a large quantity of laundry to be done

  • Samsung-5 cubic feet of interior capacity, Super Speed wash cycle (only 30 minutes), AddWash feature (lets you add laundry while washer is in a working cycle without stopping or pausing the cycle)
  • Kenmore Elite- 5..2 cubic feet of interior capacity 14 wash cycles, Kids Wear cycle, SteamTreat function.
  • LG – TurboWash technology,4.5 cubic feet of interior capacity, 14 different washing cycles.

Best stacking with a dryer -for condos, tiny houses and small apartments. Solution for those who has a shortage of available space for laundering.

  • Electrolux- Quick cycle (15 minutes only), Rinse & Spin cycle (for heavy washing),
    Stain soaking mode.
  • Frigidaire- 10 wash cycles, Advanced Rinse technology, Steam Cleaning function

By listing only few of the available categories you can choose your washer by it is quite clear that it is a very vast and versatile area. Most of these preferences actually depends on you and that is the thing that is maybe the best about it. With a possibility of choosing between so many options it is more than clear that only your wishes and needs are the limit in choosing the best front load washing machine for you (as of course your price-range). It is noticeable that there is something for every possible type of a household and a life style that you can think of. Choosing has never been made so easy. There is a really pretty big number and large amount of different types of washing machines for all types of needs. With such a numerous kinds types and models of washing machines you really need to answer two basic questions. What do I need? How much I’m willing to pay for it? By answering those two simple (or not so simple after all) questions you get to the unique answer that will get you the right type of device that will transform household chores such as laundry in an easy and simple task that you will do trippingly and with almost no effort.