Best Tents of 2017


Picking up a perfect camping tent can be challenging and exhausting. It is very rare when somebody is an expertise in camping tents. Thus, we took help of those rare people and set up a list of top tents of the year 2017. The idea is so that our readers could know at one stop which ones are the best, and what exactly are the things that make up a perfect camping tent, then be it for a family hiking or an adventurous ride to Everest.


There were certain factors that were kept in mind to organize this wonderful and effective list of tents. Obviously, the major issues were of the material, and durability, and strength; other factors such as size and weight were also deeply considered. Following is a detailed description of the features that helps in the choice of a tent.

1. MATERIAL DURABILITY – One thing which every kind of hiker requires is a tent which is made up of durable and strong material. Camping at higher altitudes and strange weather conditions require a cloth that can take all kind of natural abuse and still stand strong for protection. Ripstop Nylon is one thing which is common in almost every great tent. Not only it helps to maintain the entire weight of the tent, it offers the highest level of protection to its residers.

2. EGRONOMIC FEATURES – Egronomic engineering is an advanced form of construction which proves itself to be highly useful in the tents. These features include easy accessibility to the zips and easiness to pull them off, a perfect and comfortable design, a smart doorway, storage compartments, and everything else that will help you lead a comfortable night after a long, tiring day.

3. WEIGHT – Now this is a tricky factor. Your camping tent should be heavy enough to be firm on the ground and not to blow away with the wind, and it should be light enough so that you can carry it around for long hours without any difficulty. But even that can vary with situations. If you’re a lone hiker, get a tent less than 5 pounds. On the other hand, if you’re going to a nearby hiking arena with family, you can be a little risky.

4. WATERPROOF – A tent has to be waterproof. No second questions about that. One risk you cannot take is getting wet during a cruel rain.

5. EASY SET UP – A tent should be something that could set up easily. Any sort of complications or difficult designs should be avoided in a tent.


Following is a list of top 5 tents based on the above-mentioned factors.

NEMO EQUIPMENT LOSI – This tent received the editor’s choice for the best tents. It is light weight, it is stylish, and once you use it, you’ll realize how detail the construction and fittings are. The quality is as good as it can be, and it does not cost too much. Thirty-two square feet of floor space and forty-six inches of height makes it an ideal tent for two people. Moreover, a small pocket and strong side anchors further add to its perfection.

KELTY TN2 – A perfect backpack tent, Kelty TN2 is an excellent choice for those who refuse to compromise on the comfort. Its unique design has won it multiple awards. The best feature, although, remains to be roll-up fly which gives you a dream like the opportunity to gaze at the stars in a perfect lonely light. This tent could be a perfect companion for your camping trip.

BIG AGNES FLYING DIAMOND 8 – A four season monster family tent, it is an exceptional tent for your day out with your kids. The floor size is as big as 112 square feet, and furthermore, can be divided into separate compartments. The height is 6 feet in the center and 4.5 feet at both the sides. It is an entire luxury home with which you can travel along.

HILLEBERG TARRA – It is the best four season tent there is. Again a family camp tent, it is an ideal for colder or higher altitude places. The material is warm and strong. The design itself adds to its durability with a 10mm pole gap.

BIG AGNES FLY CREEK HV UL2 – It is the lightest tent there is for camping. This feature alone makes it stand out above everything else. A 3 season, two people tent, it is a nice tent with all the necessary features and requirements.


Do not settle too quickly. Picking up the best camping tent can be a judgment call, so think more. Always see the online reviews. Some companies also provide warranties, so go for that. And do not risk, pick a reputed branded tent. Remember, a tent will be your only medium of protection at the time of a natural crisis.