The North Face Geodesic Dome Tent


There are many different types of camping for every different type of camper. In can be a fun family experience, a relaxing get-away, a fun party trip for you and your friends or a great way to get out and see new places. When it comes it the latter, sometimes, these new locations are not just a hop skip and a jump away. Sometimes getting to the most breath-taking places on earth can be a little rough.

Extreme campers and hikers face some of the harshest conditions including strong winds, cold temperatures, and heavy precipitation when they are out in the wilderness. When you are toughing it out on the side of a mountain or in the woods on a stormy night, you need a tent that is just as tough as you!

The North Face Geodesic Dome Tent can withstand winds of up to 60 miles per hour making it a perfect option for extreme campers in rough conditions. It is a tent that primarily focuses on strength and durability rather than other factors like easy set-up, large crowds or sustainability. As a result of this focus, the tent may not be the easiest to set-up but the bottom line is that there is only so much that a foldable tent can take before it folds in on you.

The Geodome is able to achieve its superior strength due to its innovative design. It expands outward in a dome shape like a balloon. Its geodesic shape rather than the more familiar tent shape of the classic arch. The dome shape is unique as it is formed by interlocking triangles providing fixed angles that actually serve to provide strength to the overall structure. As a result, this design pattern is considered one of the strongest in engineering. So, it is no wonder that the Geodome can not only withstand, but maintain its form in hurricane strength winds.

The Geodome is also double layered and water resistant to keep the interiors dry through rain and snow storms. The tent comes with five main poles and one equator-pole in the middle that holds it in place. When the structure is assembled it measures a total floor space of 6 feet by 7.5 feet with a height of 6 feet and 9 inches. This is enough room for four adults to sleep comfortably and enough height to allow campers to stand. The tent also comes with handy hooks on its inside on which you may use to gang your gear creating mid-air storage.

All-in-all the tent gear weights a little over 24 pounds which is easily portable that can be taken on long trips making it a great option for hikers, adventurers and car campers alike.

The North Face is really pushing the limits of tent design to provide tents and camping equipment for harsh conditions. While the tent works perfectly well in normal and mild conditions, it is really best for those who dare to trek to rough terrains through rough winds and other severe weather conditions.

The Geodome comes in bright yellow and light grey and is set to launch in Japan for $1635 this March. However, the North American market will have to wait a little longer for the new ground-breaking product to reach their shelves.